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Talk with me and I will give you my skype
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In no order
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Andro,you're one of the sweetest,most beautiful,cutest and caring persons I ever meet.Dont let anyone let you down,somebody as special and talented as you are doesnt deserve that.Having you as bff is a honor,and if you ever want to talk with somebody about anything,need a shoulder to cry on,chat or a person to fangirl with,Im here.I will always be here for you.Your art inspires me so much,you have no idea and maybe you think you're a terrible person,maybe not,but for me you're a wonderful human being,like I couldnt love you to bits if you werent ;;.We will have conflicts in the future,I guess,everybody has them...but after 15 minutes I will probably apologies with the hope you will forgive me.I cant thank you for what you did and what will but just....thank you for being here for me,for not judging me,for making me laugh,for making me forget Im in a bad mood and so many.....just thanks<3~

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I do dolls/base edits.If you have a problem with them,simply "x" them from your messages.I love to do them,please understand that
Also,dont ask me for favorites or watch,please.I will watch you if I like your art and I will add your work to favorites if I like it.You can however ask politely for a llama if I havent gave you one already~


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im a dragon rawr
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Twilight Sparkle

[/] You love magic.

[ ] Your idol is some kind of Mage or Wizard.

[ ] You are your teacher's No.1 student.

[/] You used to be antisocial.

[ ] You are IN LOVE with books.

[x] You will not believe anything you cannot explain. (Im more a person that believes in science and stuff)

[ ] You have a labratory/one of your relatives is a scientist.

[ ] You're often the leader of the group.

[ ] You're the brains of the group.

[/] You have anger issues.

[ ] You have OCD.

[ ] You tend to throw yourself into your studies.

[ ] You like owls.

[x] Dragons are your favorite mythical creature.

Points: 3.5


[ ] You love fashion.

[ ] You will do anything to get in the spotlight.

[x] You're very generous. ( guess)

[ ] You want to be popular.

[ ] There is a boy/girl that has a crush on you.

[ ] You love jewelry.

[ ] You're very polite and you act like a lady/gentleman all the time.

[ ] You own a business.

[ ] You despise dirt.

[ ] Your least favorite color is green.

[x] You like cats.

[/] You can be very greedy or selfish sometimes.

Points: 2.5


[ ] You love gardening.

[x] You will protect your friends and family no matter what,even if you get in danger.

[ ] Your favorite fruit is Apples.

[ ] You have freckles.

[/] You're a bad liar.

[x] You're very honest.

[ ] You have a rather large appetite.

[ ] You have a HUGE family.

[ ] You were born in the South/You have a southern accent.

[x] You were friggin' adorable as a baby. (that what my dad says lmao)

[ ] You're very independent and to let your pride and stubbornness get in the way of things.

[ ] You're great at playing instruments.

[x] You're very modest. ( guess)

[x] You like dogs.

Points: 5.5

Pinkie Pie

[x] You love sweets.

[/] You're hyper as hell and have limit-less energy.

[ ] Your hair is very poofy/curly,and sometimes it randomly goes flat-out straight.

[x] Your somewhat of an annoyance to the people around you. (hats how I feel sometimes)

[ ] You love to sing.

[X] You like making people laugh and smile.

[ ] You're the funny gal/guy of the group.

[x] You can eat alot of sweets and barely gain any weight at all. (I barely can gain weight anyway lmao)

[ ] You have a squeaky voice.

[/] You're very random and half of the time you don't even know what you're saying or doing.

[ ] You can predict the future.

[x] You like alligators.

[/] You're a very happy person and it's rare to see you down in the dumps.

Points: 6.5


[x] You love animals.

[/] You're very timid and shy. (until I get to meet the person better)

[ ]You have a pet bunny.

[x] Your voice is very soft and have to repeat you've said most of the time.

[ ] You love nature and you're fascinated by it.

[ ] People walk all over you like you are a doormat.

[x] Your shyness affects your social ability.

[ ] When you act assertive,you friends and family become frightened by you.

[x] You're very modest.

[x] You're very kind. (I guess,idk)

[/] You get scared easily.

[ ] You live near a forest.

[ ] You have a weak heart.

Points: 6

Rainbow Dash

[ ] You love racing.

[x] You are very loyal to your friends and family.

[x] You love messing around with your friends.

[/] You have anger issues.

[x] You love rainbows.

[ ] You always dress in style.

[x]You enjoy weather and you are fascinated by it.

[ ] Your dream is to be apart of your favorite sports team.

[x] You like sports. (the only sport Im really,really into is pro wrestling.But oh well,is a sport and I love it so it counts I guess)

[ ] Your voice cracks.

[x]You're very immature for your age.

[/] You get jealous easily.

[ ] You have a "biggest fan".

[ ] You tend to boast and brag. You're also very arrogant.

Points: 7


[ ] You love gems.

[ ] You're the underdog of the group. A time when someone is rooting for you is a rarity to come by.

[x]You can get very greedy sometimes.

[ ] You're the youngest in the group.

[x]You're very kind and you often cheer other people on.

[ ] You have a crush on someone,and you hope they feel the same way.

[x] You often picture yourself differently than from what other people see you as.

[ ] You can be very timid at times and you've worried about getting replaced by someone once.

[ ] Sometimes you question who you are and whether or not you were supposed to be someone else.

[x] You're a very sarcastic person.

[x] You're very playful.

[ ] One time you almost kissed someone,and it was your friend.

Points: 5

Result: Rainbow dash,woop! My favorite pony uvu

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